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What Is A Womanifesto?

Similarly to the way we as people grow, a Womanifesto is constantly evolving with the times.  In short, it is a declaration made by someone who believes in liberty for all and particularly black women.

In the spirit of evolution, we seek to redefine Womanifesto in every issue of the magazine.  Read the lastest definition below:

A Womanifesto is a call to action of agape love that is rooted in action and supported by community.  It is acting on love, the verb, for ourselves and others with grace and compassion.  It is a declaration that we want liberation for black women and all other people.  Because until black women are free, noone is free.  


It is not knowing what freedom looks like but pursuing it tirelessly regardless while not forgetting to smell the purple flowers.  A Womanifesto is flawed and raw but is constantly seeking to better itself for the sake of the world.  And as we all seek to evolve our Womanifestos, we will evolve the world.

The year 2020 has brought us many things.  So far we've gotten Tiger King, Coronavirus, lack of impeachment,  lack of justice, and more.  But we've also seen a newfound wave of people looking to explore social justice and embrace intersectionality.

Stage left, Womanifesto Magazine enters.  Womanifesto Magazine seeks to engage with this larger community by uplifting the voices of black and brown creatives as a celebration of womanism.  We are committed to sharing resources, narratives, and the creativity found within marginalized communities.

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How Can You Get Involved?

Here are three ways to engage with Womanifesto Magazine

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Email us, send a DM, or visit our Contact page to inquire about doing so.  We are accepting work for the fourth issue.

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