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The Chameleon

A ten week creative experiment

I was once told that we are simply hosts for ideas.  And if we don't execute on them, ideas will move on to someone that will.  I've already seen it happen.  Ideas that I held close moved on after being shelved and I watched others execute them beautifully.

Fuck that.  I'm going to execute my own ideas.

The Chameleon is a ten week web zine that explores inspirations within everyday life along with a series of NFT's.

It will interact with web spaces in untraditional formats that break templates and look wildly different on mobile vs desktop.

My goal is to post every week on Sunday and mint the cover art as an NFT.  Access the NFT's here.


Read The Chameleon:

#001/#002/ #003/

#004/005/ #006/

#007/ #008/ #009


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